Who is she, whea she from...

...and whea is she going?

Her name is Ja'Lisa D'Orah Outcalt, "Ja." was given to her by some cool skate boarding cats from Crown Heights, Brooklyn where she partially grew up. Originally born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, she comes from a Dominican father, Anthony Jno-Charles who was a mason, and African derived American mother, Maureen Y. Ellis-Outcalt with roots from Augusta, GA, who is a school teacher and public school administrator. Ja.'s music is reflective of always creating a comfortable vibe, even among discomfort. She combines a lo-fi, hip hop sound with her sultry yet raspy rapper and singing vocals. Ja. has made her debut as a rapper to the world with her new single "Test." dropped everywhere on Nov. 11, 2020.

Video Premiere for "Test." will be March 26th, 2022.

Anthony Irvin, engineer, record producer, and founder of "MadeinQns" has said Ja "is a problem, a good problem."

2018 marks the year Ja. took her artistry, academic and professional endeavors seriously. She wrote her first full song, and performed it live at an open mic less than a week later that September. It is now the first single she dropped ever in November 2020 for the world to hear at will. It is also the year she begun her journey to obtain her Cosmetology License and completed it the following year (2019). Lastly, that May, she officially started her beverage business: Ja's Dirty Chai: Coffee and Teas

Despite coming from a matrilineage of educators and business owners, Ja. was exposed to the varying arts at a very young age. It is through her grandmother's administrative efforts as President of the District Leadership Board Team for the Department of Education from the 1990's to the early 2000's to integrate art, music, and education into the curriculum of public school in poorer neighborhoods of Brooklyn, NY, particularly Brownsville. This is where Ja fell in love with the arts such as the violin, ballet, tap, jazz, and African dance at the age 4. However, due to financial struggles, Ja's family could not support her further training into the arts as she got older.

This stunted her growth as an artist/creative--by 2014 she was clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Despite the struggles and dysfunction of her family, the creative arts never left Ja's side and became an avid tool to cope with the onset of depression and anxiety that came on in her young adulthood.

Ja. is a major advocate for mental wealth and health because of this and encourages self-help strategies as well as connecting to a network of mental health and spiritual professionals. Since 2015, she has been volunteering her time to fundraise and raise awareness surrounding Suicide Prevention on the behalf of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). You can join our team #StartLove, walk in this year's "Out of Darkness" Walk, and donate to this year's campaign here.

Aside from her music, Ja.'s ultimate dream and goal is to open her own interactive warehouse/coffee shop for her beverage business, Ja's Dirty Chai: Coffee and Teas.